Really Bad Dandruff

It’s snowing in Western Washington.  People are freaking out.  Everyone forgets how to drive when it snows here.


Just kidding.  It’s not that bad.

I’ll tell you what a certain someone forgets when it snows, though!

This guy…

…forgets that one important aspect of blog photography involves actually looking at the camera.

Nope.  (I’ve got about 6 other shots that look just like this.)

Even Biju, who is about as treat-motivated as they come, didn’t bring his A-Game to the dog park today.

Good try, B.  Maybe he was distracted by all that dandruff on Teton.

Dude needs some Head & Shoulders. 

Well, the photography may have sucked today, but at least T got some good exercise.

He’s pretty wiped.

Please note the stink eye.

Stay warm out there.  See you tomorrow night!

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