Mad Dance Skillz

Happy New Year!


Teton and I hope that what ever you did on New Year’s Eve didn’t leave you feeling like this guy, but if it did, we hope you’ve recovered by now.

We’re starting the year off right by choosing two new tricks to learn and master.

Before we started working on our first new trick, we practiced some of our old ones.  Oldies but goodies, of course.

First we worked on down.

Which The Little Blogger has down.  Heh heh…

Then we worked on shake – one of our favs.

And high five – another keeper.

Albeit a difficult one to photograph.

That’s better.

And then we started working on our new trick – dance.

Which, at its early stages, looks an awful lot like jump-up-and-down-like-a-lunatic-until-mom-gives-you-the-treat.   As evidenced here.

Jeez, Teton.  Why don’t you have mad dance skillz like Rookie?!

We won’t quit our day jobs.  😉

Once we master dance I’m not sure what we’ll work on.  I’d like to see if Teton can play dead but I’m worried that he’ll confuse bang! and roll over, so we’ll have to play that one by ear.  Maybe if we practice hard enough we can get this good…

What’s your dog’s favorite trick?  Any unique ones out there?

See y’all on Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Mad Dance Skillz

  1. Awesome! Teton knows a lot of the same tricks that Lulu does 🙂 We taught her “bang” when we first got her, but now she gets so lazy with it that she barely lays down completely before she expects the treat.
    Pippa’s only trick is “shake,” bless her heart…she is maybe the one exception to the “poodles learn quickly,” rule 😉

  2. Those are some pretty fun tricks. My favorite trick for my dog Johann, is “go to bed.” We tell him to go to bed and he goes to his little dog bed! I really like your blog and all the reviews. The opening graphic is very aesthetically pleasing, I’d like to figure one out for my site. You should check it out, I’d love to get some feedback from other dog bloggers:

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