Dear Zuke’s…

Last Tuesday, Teton had a really good day.

Why, you ask?  I think it had something to do with the picture/text message my sister sent me at around 3 PM.

“I’m not sure what this was, but I hope it wasn’t full of treats.”

I accidentally deleted the photo from my phone, but envision, if you will, shards of what appeared to be a bag of Zuke’s Power Bones.


Of course, I immediately did two things.

1. Panic!  😯

2. Blame Teton’s other parent for leaving a bag of treats in the open where Teton could get to them.

After I panicked and internally blamed the husband, I called my sister (I was still at work at the time) to make sure that Teton was feeling and acting fine.  He was, so the panic subsided a bit.

Then I had the brilliant idea to check the Zuke’s website.  It was as if the folks at Zuke’s knew exactly what had happened to me because I instantly found this:


Diarrhea or gas?  What a relief.  (Hey, it could be worse!)

After calling my sister again to confirm that Teton would be fine but may emit gaseous odors from his bum, I called the husband to chew him out.  :mrgreen:

While we were discussing who to put the blame on for Teton’s consumption of an entire bag of Power Bones I recalled that after our weekend snowshoeing trip I had left a pocket on my backpack just slightly unzipped.  The contents of that pocket?  The bag of Power Bones.  D’oh!  Of course, said backpack was on the living room floor, easily accessible to a Mr. Teton.

Oops.  Guess it was my fault.  😳

Anyhoo, it all worked out fine and Teton had neither gas nor diarrhea.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease, Zuke’s!  Otherwise you might have gotten a panicked call from a nervous Dog Mom.

In honor of Zuke’s, Thursday’s post will be on the new staple treat in our house:

Hip Action!

See you in a few days!  Hope your hump day is a great one.

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