Dog-Centric Homes

Are you on Pinterest yet?

For those of you that are, it’s so addicting, right?  For those of you that aren’t, I get it.  It took me over a month to understand what the buzz was about and even longer to start actually pinning things to my boards.  Pinning?  Boards?  I know, I know.  But trust me.  If you stick with it you’ll be hooked!

One of the most wonderful things about Pinterest is the multitude of dog-and-other-pet-related things that people pin.  Case in point – my newest dog obsession…

Dog-Centric Homes

Check out some of the amazing and ingenious things I’ve found while surfing Pinterest.

1. Dog washing station in the mudroom, laundry room, or garage.

Can you imagine a life saver this would be?!

Love the paw print detail in this one!

Feels a little sterile and I’m not sure that I’m crazy about the stairs, but I suppose if your dog washing station had to be in the garage this would make sense.

Too cute for words.  Look at the toy drawer!  The treat jar!

One day I will have my very own dog washing station in our house.  Mark my words!

The other cool thing I’m into thanks to Pinterest are…

2. Unique dog nesting spots in the home.

Teton would never go for this, but I love how unique of an idea it is.  And it’s using dead space, which is great.

Wonderful incorporation of the dog kennel and the breakfast nook!

I think this is something The Pioneer Woman would love.

Beware of the dog.  😉

My favorite.

And finally…

3.  Feeding stations.

Wonder what you’d put in those baskets?

I die!  The dog bone drawers!

See?  This is what Pinterest can do for you.


Until next time…

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