Go, Teton…

…it’s your birthday…

Try not to sip any Bacardi, ok?  😉

Yes, it’s true.  My little man is 3 years young today.  The time flies!

Teton’s been getting lots of love and attention today (oh, and he got to clean out an empty peanut butter jar), but we haven’t gone too nutty.  His birthday gift is on its way and while I won’t spoil the surprise, I will that you can find it somewhere on the Fetch Dog website and that it’s ridiculously cute.  It’s scheduled to arrive on Monday so it’s highly probable that there will be photos of it on Tuesday’s post.

While I didn’t do anything extravagant for Teton’s 3rd birthday, I thought I was a pretty good Dog Mom until I made the mistake of Googling “dog birthday party” and realized that I am a deadbeat mother without any sense of what’s really important in this world.

Ok, I’m kidding.  But, um, wow.  Take a look at this party.

Ozzy’s Party

Ozzy’s party was thrown to welcome him into the family as a newly adopted puppy, but it gives me something to live up to for Teton’s 4th birthday, don’t you think?  I love that they had treats for the humans and for the dogs.  Make sure you click on the link above to check out all of the details.  It looks like it was an awesome party!

Teton is happy with any attention from his main man and I, regardless of whether it’s his birthday, but next year I’m going to strive for a look from him that says 1,000 words.

Something like this, perhaps?



Off to snuggle this birthday boy!

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