Beachy Keen

Hi, friends!  😀 How’s your day been?  Mine was pretty good and got even better when I took Teton on our nightly walk.  He had a great little spring in his step that made me move faster than normal.

This past weekend I took The Little Blogger to the beach!

I try to mix up his weekend exercise routine as often as I can, whether that means a trip to the dog park, a hike, a play date, or a drive up to the mountain for some snowshoeing!  (That’s just around the corner…can’t wait!)

Before hitting the beach we did a short hike, so this weekend outing was extra fun for TLB.

Here are my five simple tips for a successful trip to the beach with your dog:

1)  Know before you go.  Do your research before taking your dog to a beach that you’re interested in.  Some beaches don’t allow dogs and others have strict rules.  There’s nothing worse than driving completely out of your way and realizing that dogs aren’t allowed.

2)  Pack accordingly.  Towels, my friends.  Lots of towels.  Regardless of whether your dog likes to swim (Teton does not, which makes for a much drier commute home after the beach) he/she will get wet and you’ll kick yourself for not bringing towels.  Don’t forget plenty of water, toys, treats, and your camera, too!


3)  Avoid salt water.  Salt water = runny dunnies.  ‘Nuff said.  Salt water consumption can also cause dehydration so keep an eye on your dog and make sure he/she doesn’t drink it.

4)  Watch your (dog’s) step!  There are all sorts of gnarly things on the ground at the beach.  This past weekend we found jellyfish, broken glass, cigarette butts, and slippery seaweed (which is a thrill to roll in – just ask Teton ;-)).

5)  Be aware of your surroundings.  Are there other dogs at the beach with you?  How about kids?  Elderly people?  If you are going to let your dog off leash, is there an opening where he/she might escape?  Gauge your situation when you first hit the sand and act accordingly.

There you have it!  I’m sure there are plenty of other tips for successful beach trips with your dog.  What are some of yours?

I’ll leave you with a (grainy) video of Teton having the time of his life on the beach.  We call this “crazy dog.”

Have a wonderful night!

One thought on “Beachy Keen

  1. Love it. We call it “crazy dog,” too, or “spaz attack!”

    We were at the dog park today and I saw a dog that I thought was Teton! Do you guys ever go to the park in Greenlake? My girls love it!

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