A Halloween Play Date

3 Dog Moms.

5 dogs.

4 jockeys.

Care to take bets on the racers?

Heeeeeerrrrre’s Moose!

Meet Kyra!

…and Kyra’s “little” brother, Biju!

And you all know Teton…

Last but not least…it’s Fossie!  Fossie prefers her Thundershirt (and a tennis ball) over a jockey.

Ok, so there weren’t any actual races, but it was pretty hilarious watching our fur babies run around the backyard with jockeys on their backs.  And, because their Target Halloween costumes felt more like harnesses, they acted pretty much as they normally would.

What?  I said pretty much.  😉

All in all, it was a ridiculous fun ridiculously fun play date.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day (photo cred to MH!).

Happy Halloween!  😀

4 thoughts on “A Halloween Play Date

  1. This is ridiculously cute!
    Lulu & Pippa will be dressing up as a butterfly and a flower this year, respectively. If you can’t be silly on Halloween, when CAN you be, right?!

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