On the brain

I must have poo on the brain because tonight’s post, much like Tuesday’s, is all about dookie.

A few weeks ago I was checking out some t-shirt websites (who doesn’t love a good tee?) and found this shirt that I must order.


Right?  How clever is that?  It’s totally cute in a mildly disgusting way.  How fast can you name all of these characters and their dogs?  The third down on the left row was the hardest for me, but it finally clicked after I paid close attention to the character’s accessories…

The girl version is this pink salmon color.


I like the guy version in yellow better, but the pink will have to do!

About the same time I found this shirt, coincidentally enough my mom cut this article out of the newspaper for me:

State pays for music video about picking up dog doo (click to read the article)

Check out the vid!

…you gotta bag it up…

From one Dog Parent to another, thanks for picking up your dog’s doo.  The Little Blogger and I sure appreciate it!

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