Mmmm…cat turds.

Hey, party people!

Meet our house guest, Ethel.

We’re watching her for some friends (hi, L&E!) for a week and things are going swimmingly so far.

Most of Ethel’s afternoons are spent like this:

Followed by a little of this:

Teton:  Hey, Ethel!  Play with me!  Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!  Can’t you see I’m doing a play bow and ohmygoshIwanttoplaysobad!!!!

Lil’ E (her rapper name):  Boy, you must be crazy.

Ethel eats twice a day and Teton only eats once, so naturally I’ve been feeling sorry that he isn’t feelin’ the love twice a day while Lil’ E is.

Enter basically-empty peanut butter jar:

If you treat your dog to peanut butter every now and again, why not save your basically-empty jar and give it to your dog as a special treat?  Check for cracks in the glass, make sure there aren’t any sharp edges around the rim, and give your pooch something that will keep them busy for a good 20+ minutes.  Tina over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake gives her Pug, Murphy basically-empty peanut butter jars and from the looks of it, he loves ’em!

I just love it when The Little Blogger uses his “hands” to hold on to a treat.  Talk about adorable!

Speaking of adorable, how ’bout some cat turds?  OK, so that didn’t really make sense because cat turds aren’t adorable, but I had to transition somehow.

Have you ever noticed that cat poop covered in kitty litter looks an awful lot like Almond Roca?  Well, the folks at 4Legz must have.  Check out one of their treats that I picked up at the Pet Expo two weekends ago!

This may look like a cat turd, but I’ll tell you what, it sure doesn’t smell like one!  Every time I open the Kitty Roca bag my nostrils are greeted with the delightful smell of molasses, peanut butter, and honey and for a moment I consider grabbing one for myself.

Then this guy reminds me that they’re for him.

Ethel likes Kitty Roca, too!

What sold me on Kitty Roca at the Pet Expo?  The 4Legz team!  They couldn’t have been nicer and after  just a few minutes of talking with them, it was clear that they have a deep love of dogs and a desire to produce good quality products for them!

OK, this…

…and this…

…sold me, too.  I mean, yum!

It’s like a cookie for my little dude!

At $5 a bag (10 oz), I’m loving 4Legz.  A treat with minimal ingredients that I don’t have to Google, a hearty, packed-to-the-brim bag, a fun concept, and a taste that even I can barely resist?!  You’ve got yourself a new fan, 4Legz!

Each piece of Kitty Roca isn’t huge, but if you have a smaller dog like Lil’ E, it’s easily broken up (sans crumbles) for weight management purposes.

Kitty Roca and other 4Legz treats can be purchased at the following local stores and online at the 4Legz website:

Alpha Pet Supply, Centralia, WA

Jackson Hwy Vet Clinic, Onalaska, WA

Ralph’s Thriftway, Olympia, WA

Bark Avenue, Lacey, WA

Give ’em a try!  We don’t think you or your dog will be disappointed.

In the words of my friend L, ciao for now!

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