I have to be honest…

…the Pet Expo was kind of a dud.

Aside from a few cool vendors, people, and moments, the Pet Expo was small and predictable.  I was hoping for a company or product that knocked my socks off, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

I did however, pick up a few cool products and meet some really nice people, so it wasn’t a wasted Saturday!

The night before the Expo I made the hus and I Her Dog Blog t-shirts.

Shameless self-promotion, baby!

The hus was a trooper.  We felt a little cheese, but hey, anything for increased viewership!

The first stop on the trip was the livestock.  We enjoyed a pig talent show (no lie!) before stopping to see these guys.

I love goats almost as much as I love dogs and I’ve always wanted to have a few.  Unfortunately, we don’t have acreage and won’t any time soon, so it’s a pipe dream for now.

Next best thing?  Meeting the gals at the Puget Sound Goat Rescue and talking to them about volunteer opportunities.  Who wouldn’t want to bottle feed baby goats?!

On our way out of the livestock area the hus snapped this shot for me.

Isn’t she beautiful?  There was a group of smokin’ hot ladies and their horses and they must have been doing some sort of demonstration.  Bummed that we missed that but glad he got this shot!

After the livestock, we spent most of our time in the showroom checking out dog vendors and adoption organizations.  Here’s a smattering of shots!

It was great to see the gang from People United for Pets (PUP)!  It’s the organization that we adopted Teton through.

This is Claire.  She was such a sweetie.  If you’re looking to adopt a small dog with a great personality, she’s your girl.  Sure, she’s giving me the stink eye in this photo, but I assure you she was as sweet as can be.

Paco makes some of the most amazing collars I’ve ever seen and their crew was kind, fun, and uber knowledgeable.  Check out this custom design that is so amazing it isn’t even for sale!

At the end of the day, I came home with a bag of paper goodies to look through…

…and, of course, a couple of really solid, fun products for The Little Blogger.

The folks at 4Legz (Kitty Roca!) couldn’t have been nicer and our $5 bag of Kitty Roca has been the treat of the week.  Gotta love a company with a good sense of humor!

I’ll post a full review of Kitty Roca next Tuesday, so be sure to stop by again to check it out.

Also, it’s a little last minute, but if you’re in the Seattle area looking for something fun to do tonight, stop by the Pan Pacific Hotel for Paws on the Patio, a dog friendly event with live music by the very talented Christo Phett.  Paws on the Patio proceeds benefit Pasado’s Safe Haven, an amazing local organization committed to saving dogs, cats, and farm animals.

I’m outta here!  Have a great night and a relaxing weekend!

5 thoughts on “I have to be honest…

  1. Herman loves the Grizzly Salmon oil!
    And I love Pasado’s, they came up to the Bellingham Food Bank one Christmas and helped me and my friend Shelley pass out flea treatments, toys, leashes and collars, and dog houses to needy pet owners. It was awesome.

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