Pet Expo Teaser

Hi, friends!

Life is crazy right now so please forgive me for posting this little tease rather than the full meal deal.

The Pet Expo was…interesting.  I’ll say this much: It wasn’t what I expected.

But, I did meet this lovely little lady who was up for adoption!

(That’s me checking to see if she’s okay with people touching her paws – a great test for any dog that you’re thinking about adopting!  They should be totally okay with it…otherwise you may never be able to wipe their feet, have the vet look at a foot injury without being snapped at, etc.)  For the record, this little gal was a champ!  She didn’t mind one bit.

I’ll be here Thursday evening with a full report of the Pet Expo, so be sure to check back then.

Have a fabulous night!

One thought on “Pet Expo Teaser

  1. Aww shannon I was in wa this wknd and almost went to that! Hope this lil girl found a good home 🙂 – christina

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