The Friday Five

Earlier this week, Tina @ Carrots ‘N’ Cake wrote about the five blog posts that most inspired her.

Her post got me thinking about the numerous YouTube videos featuring dogs and other animals that friends and family have sent me over the last few years.  My passion will always dogs and dog products, but I’ve also always had a deep interest in and appreciation for all animals.  I’m down with anything from tarantulas to zedonks!

Here are the top five videos (in descending order) that have moved me, made me laugh, and fueled my brain.

If YouTube doesn’t allow these videos to be embedded in the blog, I’ve included the titles with the hope that you’ll be inspired to search for them. 

5. Mishka the Talking Husky

This video makes me smile every time I watch it.  I have a special place in my heart for Siberian Huskies because we grew up with two of them.  I love this video because Siberians really do howl like that!  Ask someone if they’ve seen the talking dog video and they’ll immediately think of Mishka.  She’s a celebrity now and even has her own Facebook page!

4. Alex the Talking Parrot

I first learned of Alex when I took an animal behavior class in college.  Watch this video and prepare to be amazed.  Talk about dedication.  Alex’s Mom, Irene Pepperberg, worked with him for 30 years before his death in 2007.  Her book, Alex & Me, is heartfelt and fascinating.  Alex demonstrates the reality of animal intelligence.

3. Dog and Elephant are Best Friends  

My dad is a big fan of sending me videos.  Most are hilarious or mildly inappropriate, but this one, well, this one is incredible.  Be sure you watch it all the way through.  The last few minutes are priceless.  Tara and Bella teach us an amazingly important lesson about embracing our differences.

2. Christian the Lion

If you haven’t seen this video, you’ve been living under a rock.  This is truly one of the most astounding and inspirational stories that I’ve ever seen.  This restores my faith in people and confirms my faith in animals.  Check out the book, A Lion Called Christian, too.

1. Ricochet the SURFice Dog  

I’ve posted this video before, but it’s worth watching again.  One warning: Get out your Kleenex.  I cry like a baby every time I watch this.  This is my number one video because it highlights the intelligence, character, and versatility of dogs and inspires me to be a better, more accepting person.

Have a wonderful weekend and get outside with your dog!

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