Brand Spotlight: Red Dingo

One of the best parts about my blog is that I get to highlight brands that I love.

I love all things Red Dingo.

Our first Red Dingo purchase was one of their enamel ID tags.  Tags are likely what Red Dingo is best known for.

We’ve had this tag…

…since Teton was about 4-months old.

Can you spot it?

The Little Blogger’s Red Dingo tag has held up wonderfully.  I don’t see anything on Red Dingo’s site about a lifetime warranty, but the site that I bought Teton’s tag through (West Nose Muddy Paws) says that Red Dingo’s “engraving is guaranteed readable for life.”

I’m contemplating ordering a new tag for Teton.  He absolutely does not need a new one.  His original is in near perfect shape!  I just want to jazz it up a bit.

Red Dingo enamel tags are some of the best ID tags out there because they are strong, thick, bright, and easy to read.

And do you want to talk about options?!?!

You can get a pink flower…

…a green clover…

…blue stars…

…orange music notes…

…a red fire hydrant…

…a black skull and cross bones…

…and even a white snowflake!

And that’s just brushing the surface!

Check out all of your enamel tag options here.

I could go on for hours about how awesome Red Dingo products are, but I’ll leave you with one additional item that you must see.

The reflective leashes are to die for!  We have this very leash (red and all!) and even though we have 5+ leashes in the house, this Red Dingo one is by far my favorite.

  • Completely reflective print (Yep, all of those little white bones!)

  • Adjustable length (Ever had a leash that’s just a touch too long or short?  Not anymore!)

  • Cushioned handle (It almost feels a little like memory foam.)

  • Insanely sturdy collar clip


I’m all fired up now.  I want everything in Red Dingo’s line!

Check out Red Dingo’s site when you get a chance.  I’m guessing you’ll find something you just can’t live without.


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