Hey, you.

Who, me? 

Yeah, you.

Are you too much of a snob now to eat your glucosamine supplement?

Yep.  The Little Blogger now refuses to eat his glucosamine supplement in the morning.

So, I trick him.

Sometimes trickery is ok if it means better health down the road.

Luckily the TJ’s glucosamine supplements that we buy break easily.  I’ve just been snapping them in half, crumbling them in my hands, and mixing them in with his dry food.  Top it off with a few pumps of salmon oil and he’s none the wiser!

Dog Mommin’ at its finest!

Is it all right if we continue the Memorial Day theme for one more post?

I found this amazing photo essay called War Dog on Foreign Policy’s website.  The photos above and below are just a few of the truly astounding examples of how valuable dogs are to our troops.

Seriously, you gotta check this photo essay out.

After you’ve gone through all 11 slides, make sure you click on the link to War Dog II.

Because that’s where you’ll find photos like this one…


Night, y’all!

One thought on “Snobbery

  1. Ughh…Gus recently stopped eating his daily vitamin. He’s been taking one every day for years and decided now would be a good time to stop. What a turd!

    We should start breaking it up into his food too. Although, knowing him, he’d notice and refuse to eat his food. 😉

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