Parental Responsibilities


We’re breaking a promise.  (And making one that I will never allow my hair to get this flat ever again.)

On Monday we vowed to post a review on Teton’s new EzyDog harness.   We’re not going to do that tonight.

But, my broken promise is for good reason.  You see, I was a bad Dog Mom and The Little Blogger was by himself for far too long today.  Luckily, Grammie was able to come see him for a bit, but I still feel guilty!

So, after we got home from work we headed to Chipotle for dinner and ate outside on the patio.  Teton joined us, of course.

And hoped for some crumbs…

Which miraculously appeared in his dad’s hands!

Hey, we’re not perfect.

So, my friends, I’m going to be a good Dog Mom this evening and skip my EzyDog harness review in order to spend good, quality time with Teton and his dad.

Don’t be surprised if you find the review on the Her Dog Blog at some point this weekend!


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