Mutton Chops

Take a whiff…

Come a little closer…

Still can’t smell it?

How ’bout now?

You already know that we love Zuke’s.  So, I was pretty excited when I found tonight’s treat.

I give you…

Now you’re smellin’ that chicken and cherries!  Er, excuse me, cherryz.

I got this one pound box o’ treats at REI for just $6.25!  One pound!!!

In case you were wondering, one pound translates into around 325 treats.

See that line down the middle?

Zuke’s Mini Bakes can be easily broken to make two separate treats.

One Mini Bake is just 5 calories.  I haven’t been breaking them in half, but I also haven’t been using them as training-specific treats.

Mini Bakes aren’t big, but they are roughly 2.5 times bigger than Mini Naturals.

Mini Bakes are made without wheat, corn, by-products, or artificial colors and/or flavors.

They come in three flavors: Chicken ‘n Cherryz, Turkey ‘n Taterz, and Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz

Look at all of these yummy ingredients!

Teton likes ’em.

His mutton chops are outta control.

As are this guy’s.

I don’t know whether to trust Wikipedia, but it says that this guy, Ambrose Burnside, a Civil War general, was the inspiration for the term sideburns, which was originally coined burnsides.  History buffs unite!   Can you confirm or deny?

I think that even good ol’ Ambrose would appreciate Zuke’s green initiatives.

It’s always nice when you can feel good about your buy both for the sake of your dog and for the environment.

Here’s the verdict.  We like Zuke’s Mini Bakes.

1) Price – $6.25 for a one pound box is hard to beat!

2) Ingredients – Not a single complaint!  What dog wouldn’t love oats, chicken, cherries, and potatoes?

3) Benefits – It can be a single serving or a double.  You can’t say that about a lot of treats so that’s definitely something to call out.

Do we love Zuke’s Mini Bakes?  No, but we like them! We just like Mini Naturals much better because they are teensy weensy and low-maintenance.  You won’t find us breaking a Mini Natural in half!  Why would we?  It’s the perfect size already.  For training, it’s either Mini Naturals or Wet Noses Little Stars for us!

Zuke’s Mini Bakes get a 6 out of 10.  They’re good, but there’s nothing that sets them apart from other small training treats aside from the fact that you can break them in half.  Even then, there are a number of other treats that are easily broken for training purposes.

For more on Zuke’s, check out their site.

Have a great night, all!

One thought on “Mutton Chops

  1. We heart Zuke’s! We were hoping that our travels would take us through Durango so we could visit the headquarters, but it’s a bit out of our way.

    Glad to hear the Mini Bakes get a thumbs up!

    Psst…did you know if you sign up on their site they’ll send you a $1 off coupon?!

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