…and watch the fun begin!


We just finished drying off from a wet and cold walk around the neighborhood.  It’s been raining for a month straight here (or at least it feels like it), so Teton and I are ready for some sunny weather!

On Monday, my friend/co-worker gave me a treat sample from a local pet store called Zak and Zoe the other day.

I love when pet stores provide sample treats for their customers!  It’s a fun way of getting a store name out there.

I’ll have to check out Zak and Zoe.  From the looks of their website, I would like what they carry in the store.

Tonight’s review is a fun one.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new and exciting interactive toy for a while now.  We bought (and loved) Premier Pets’ Twist ‘N Treat, bought (and hated…and returned!) Premier Pets’ Tug-A-Jug, and have seriously considered (but haven’t bitten the bullet) purchasing one of Nina Ottosson’s puzzle toys.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that PetSmart is carrying a new line of interactive toys for dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Contempo Tessa!

The Tessa is small enough for little dogs but big enough to also be challenging and rewarding for larger breeds.

Like the Twist ‘N Treat, you fill the Tessa with treats and set the difficulty level accordingly.




Fill the Tessa up with treats (I like to use small, low-calorie ones like Zuke’s Mini Naturals for interactive toys)…

…screw the lid back on…

…put your dog out of his/her misery…

…and watch the fun begin!

Price – $14.99 is a very reasonable price for the Contempo Tessa.  Dare I say that I likely would have spent a few dollars more, even!

Quality – The Tessa appears to be pretty durable.  I would definitely not use the word “cheap” when describing this toy to other Dog Moms and Dads.

Ease of Use – Easy for both Dog Moms/Dads and pooch!  But of course, not too easy for pooch.  It’s great that the difficulty level can be altered as needed.

T-Factor – The Little Blogger is all about the Tessa right now.  He picked it up pretty quickly, but I’m a happy Dog Mom because it takes him a while to get all of the treats out of it and I feel as though the wheels his brain turn as he works the toy!

Teton and I give the Contempo Tessa an 8 out of 10.  We like the whole package: price, quality, and ease of use.


Has your dog ever tried an interactive toy (treat or otherwise)?  If so, what was your experience?

14 thoughts on “…and watch the fun begin!

  1. Great video ! I have two little guys that lover there new Tessa and Bravo. I have tried out most of the products in the line on Frenchies to Bouviers and have been impressed with the treat concept, value and think there is a toy in the line for your dogs specific needs or activity. 2 paws up for the Contempo line!

  2. Hi,

    We just got the Tessa for our dog. He loves it, but we can’t get the #($*&(# thing apart! We’ve managed to put the treats in & set the slider by poking our fingers through the larger holes, but the two halves will not unscrew for anything. This is going to be a problem, since it’s getting pretty filthy, and we’d like to be able to wash it. What’s the trick?


    1. It is pretty tricky, isn’t it? I’ve actually read that other people have this same issue and, to be honest, I found it a little difficult at first, too. I hold the top cone section in my left hand and twist the bottom round section toward me with my right. When I can’t twist the bottom section any longer (the top part will click slightly), I pull really hard and the two section come apart. To put them back together, I click the two sections together and twist the bottom away from me until it clicks. It’s definitely not the most intuitive design I’ve ever seen! Let me know if my instruction helped at all…good luck! And, thanks for reading!!!

      1. Thanks but no dice! It barely turns – I think I need to find someone with ginormous hands to twist it. But it went through the dishwasher okay, and dried out all right, so I guess we can live with it. Maybe it’ll loosen up after we’ve used it a while. It’s his favorite toy, so it was definitely worth it, even with the aggravation!

  3. I just got the Bravo actually and my Chow pup loves it! I would love to try out the Tessa too… but haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet.

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