Eight legs, a rattle, and…

…six squeakers.

I figured it was about time for a toy review so the other day, while looking at the interactive toys at Petco, we found this giant spider.  At first I thought it was a turtle, but then I realized that turtles don’t usually have eight legs.  Then I thought about how I’ve never seen a green spider.  But that’s beside the point.

Anyhoo, we ended up purchasing this giant spider made by Plush Puppies Dog Toys (also known as Kyjen) because it’s wacky, fuzzy, noisy, and large-and-in-charge.  The Little Blogger isn’t a huge fan of toys in general, but he loves, loves, loves toys that are large and especially fuzzy.

Before he was allowed to annihilate his spider (named Spunky, apparently), Mom made sure that he knew just how lucky he was to get such a cool toy.

What a great toy!  I’m so glad that I bought this toy and that this toy is all mine and that I’m never going to let anyone else ever have it!

Yes,  I was literally saying those things out loud.  (It’s amazing how excited they get when you act like the new toy, treat, leash, etc. is the coolest, most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.)

Oh, what’s that, Teton?  You want to play with this toy?

I don’t know…how bad do you want it?

And then, I gave in.  It is his toy, after all.

Lots of throwing, squeaking, mouthing, dragging, and shaking ensued.

Spunky the spider has quite the repertoire.  We’ve got one rattle, one loud goose-like squeaker, one semi-loud squeaker in his face, and one teensy squeaker in every other leg.  TLB’s favorite is the goose-like squeaker in the body of the spider.

How ’bout some more detail on Plush Puppies Spunky the Spider?

Price – $19.99.  Fine by me.  Durable, good-quality toys are hard to come by.  However, this is generally my max on a stuffed toy.  Somewhere between $12 and $15 would have been much nicer.

Quality – Pretty durable little toy here.  It’s well sewn doesn’t look or feel cheap.  Of course, if you have a dog that completely destroys stuffed toys, this and any other stuffed variety are likely a waste of money.  Consider washing and “re-gifting” your childrens’ (or your own) old stuffed toys that you weren’t keen on saving anyway.

Benefits – Toys are beneficial to your dog (and to you!) because they allow your pooch to either engage with you or to self-engage.

Ingredients/Features – The filling in Spunky the Spider is made from recycled plastic bottles!  Also, it’s like three toys in one because it’s great for fetch, tug, and chewing.

T-Factor – This Plush Puppies toy is not Teton’s favorite (as of yet), but he definitely likes it.  Like I said before, we’re pretty good at knowing what he’ll like and play with long term verses what he’ll like for five minutes and never touch again.  This is our third Plush Puppies toy and I always go back to them because they are hearty, filled with a variety of noise-makers, and have at least one fuzzy component.

TLB and I give Plush Puppies Spunky the Spider a six out of ten.  The price is a bit high and I suspect that the durability for aggressive chewers would be subpar.

Plush Puppies has goodies for all types of dogs, whether they be aggressive chewers or not.  Check out their site for more fun products.

Have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!

5 thoughts on “Eight legs, a rattle, and…

  1. Hey Shan,

    I have a Huuuuuuuuuuuge bag of old stuffed animals from my childhood in my basement. I keep thinking that perhaps the best use for these would be as doggy toys (I was once dog-sitting for a week and I let my friend’s dog, Cameron, choose a toy from the bag. Yep. Pink Unicorn. He was in love and was so proud to show his mommy when she came home. Then he destroyed it. But he waited to show it off first.) They’re in decent shape, although I could wash them as well. Any ideas on where I could donate these toys so they would go to good use? Do shelters take them?


    1. Kerissa: Great idea! I do think that shelters will take them! Also, you could contact a rescue group (sometimes they are more receptive to donations because they generally have ZERO funding). Or, offer them to a friend with a new puppy. Or to your furry friend who likes pink unicorns. 😉

  2. Holy Blogging…you have been busy girl! Love seeing what you and your pooch are up to on the daily. I think the little star treats should be your family staple. They represent you so well. Love ya! Chels

  3. Is the filling safe for the dog? Most plush toys aren’t very durable so i’d be afraid that he’d swallow some of the stuff inside. I mean it’s certainly a good way to recycle waste…anyways, cute pictures, it really shows your dogs joy 🙂

    I would never use my childhood plushys as dog toys…they are far too precious to me 😮

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