>Merrick Turkey Patties

>Hello, 2011!  Can you believe it’s already January 4th?!  

This year is off to a great start.  New job, new resolutions, new adventures…

We started our morning walks again today.  Yep.  5:30 AM in 27 degree weather.  Mom said, “Well, it’s warmer today.” 


I had to drag TLB out of bed and, as per usual, he went straight back to bed once we got back from our walk.  

Maybe he was extra sleepy because he was full from last night’s treat. 

You may remember these treats from TLB’s Christmas stocking.  This “short stack” (love that they call it that) is a pack of five turkey steak patties with, you guessed it, one ingredient.  Turkey!  

Can’t get much better than that.  

This five-pack was $4.49 at a locally-owned pet store.  That’s about right because when I buy Merrick Turkey Patties as singles, they are $0.99.  

We may have opened these immediately after Christmas…

One ingredient at its finest! 

This is an extra special treat for TLB because it doesn’t last long or boast any amazing benefits.  MTPs are very hard and crunchy and they crumble when bitten into.  For that reason, I usually only give him half at a time.  You can break ’em into smaller pieces, too.  

MTPs are definitely a supplemental treat.  As much as TLB loves them, I only buy them three or four times a year.  

We give Merrick Turkey Patties a six out of 10.  They’re extra tasty (I know this because of how nutso TLB gets when I take them out of the treat cupboard), they have just one ingredient (and a healthy one at that), and they are not insanely expensive.  Because they don’t boast any jaw dropping benefits, it’s hard to give them a score of seven.  

See you Thursday for another treat review! 

On a non-treat related note, to my follow bloggers:  I had a panic moment earlier this evening when Blogger told me that I was out of space for uploading photos.  It gave me the option of buying more space, but I’m a cheapskate so I just deleted some of my albums from Picasa.  What’s up with that?  Do sites like WordPress do that?  Help!  

One thought on “>Merrick Turkey Patties

  1. >Your puppy is so dang cute.Seriously with the blogger note!? Wow. I haven't run into that but I don't have a Picasa account…I guess I won't be getting one either. That's ridiculous! Boo!

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