>The Way to a Blogger’s Heart

>Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s cold out there.  Stay warm and be safe!  TLB, the Main Squeeze, and I will be staying home and chillin’ with friends. 

Check out the sweet stuff I got for Christmas. 

This awesome little number is from Delia’s and it was under $20.  Thanks sister and brother in law!  

And…pretty stoked about this!   

Dog treat mix and doggie cookie cutters!  Can’t wait to try these.  The friends who got us these must know the way to a blogger’s heart.

And finally, a “just because” gift from my Mom and Dad after Christmas…

This will definitely sit somewhere near my desk.

Remember to be extra sensitive to your dog’s needs tonight if he or she is afraid of fireworks!

See you in 2011!   

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