>If it ain’t broke…

>Happy Weekend!  I met my sister and a friend for brunch this morning near the local mall and boy, were the parking lots crowded.  It took no time at all for me to get home but forever for me to actually get on the freeway!  Times like this make me remember why I like online shopping so much. 

Remember a few weeks ago when I changed Teton’s diet?  While the transition to the new food went pretty smoothly, TLB hasn’t been the same since.  

My energetic little boy went from a happy, bouncy two-year-old to a depressed lazy bum!  No lie!  His energy level plummeted, he was farting non-stop (something he’d never had an issue with before), and his breath STUNK.  Like, clear-the-room kind of stunk.  

It took a little convincing from the Main Squeeze and some others that I discussed the problems with, but we switched TLB back to his old food this week and things have rapidly improved.  

What?  You don’t label your Ziplocs?

I know that I picked a good dog food.  It just wasn’t right for Teton. 

We had never experienced any problems with TLB’s old food.  I just wanted something new and exciting that had a great reputation and a lack of recall issues.  I don’t regret trying Earthborn Holistic’s Primitive Natural, but I do feel bad for putting TLB through a diet change that didn’t need to happen. 

Anyway, we’re back to good ol’ Natural Balance and TLB is back to normal. 

In other news, Santa Claus threw up all over the dining room table. 

I’m usually not all Martha Stewart about the holidays, but isn’t this the cutest?!  And yes, there is a different kind of candy in each of those bowls. 

I busted out TLB’s stocking today. 

He’s obviously pretty thrilled. 

Isn’t it cute?

Don’t ask how much I paid for it.  Coughtwentydollarscoughcough.  It was too adorable to pass up. 

I think it’s bigger than mine. 

Off to take care of some cleaning.  There are about 1.5 million pine needles plastered to the carpet that must be removed immediately. 

Do you buy your pets Christmas presents?

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