>The Wish List: Part Two

>Good evening!  I’m in trouble, aren’t I?  I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged since Tuesday.  And Tuesday literally feels like it was yesterday!  For whatever reason this has been a crazy week.  

Anyhoo, thank you to all of my loyal followers for giving me a reason to feel bad about myself!  Ha!  No, but seriously…I’m sorry that I dropped the ball and I promise to be better!  

Next week we’ll get back into the swing of things with product reviews.  For now, here is Part Deux of TLB’s Christmas Wish List! 

Wish #6:  Agility Jump 

No, TLB isn’t training for an agility competition.  In fact, he isn’t really a big fan of most agility activities.  We took a training class earlier this year where the last two classes were devoted to agility.  TLB got major stage fright during most of the exercises, but once he got the hang of the whole jumping thing he actually didn’t mind it! 
I like agility because it uses your dog’s noggin and his or her body!   
Now that we have a bit more room outside, I’d love to have an agility jump so Teton and I can practice and add more sweet tricks to our repertoire.  
Dog Agility Jump – Between $20 and $80 
Wish #7:  Merrick Turkey Patties
TLB loves these.  He’s never turned them away, and trust me, he’s turned plenty of other treats away.  Every time I’m at a pet store that has Merrick Turkey Patties I grab either a few (sometimes they are in a loose container) or a pack.  TLB got some in his stocking last Christmas and I have a feeling he’ll get some this Christmas, too! 

And the ingredients?  Turkey.  That’s it!  And, they’re cheap.

Merrick Turkey Patties – $0.75 each

Wish #8:  “ADOPT” Shirt 

Yes, you’re right.  This won’t fit Teton.  But isn’t it great?  Proceeds from this shirt go to support Adopt a Pet , which is a website much like PetFinder, where we found Teton!  

ADOPT shirt – $35 


Wish #9:  Ruff Wear’s Track Jacket 

Once I get my s#@! together and start walking in the early mornings with my parents and TLB, I think we might want to upgrade to this bad boy. 

We were walking at 5:30 every morning (ouch) but I’ve slacked in a major way.  TLB has his “rave light” – a small blue and white light that I attach to his collar that blinks – but I think the Track Jacket would be a safer option.  Especially since half the time you can’t see TLB’s “rave light” because of all of his hair!  

Ruff Wear’s Track Jacket – $34.95 

Wish #10:  Orvis Microfiber DogProof Coverlet

You know you’re a Dog Mom when…

Ok, so is this a little overkill?  Or is it just so great that you’re speechless?  TLB doesn’t always sleep on the bed, but he does at least three nights a week.  He’s a very clean and non-smelly dog, but he does shed and he definitely brings the occasional stank to the bed with him.  I love all things Orvis and I especially love that they have a great line of dog products.  

This coverlet is scratch-proof, which is great since TLB is a scratchin’ fool before he lays down.

Orvis DogProof Coverlet and Shams – $204 

Whew!  Good thing I don’t have unlimited funds!  

Off to relax in front of a good movie.  Have a great Sunday! 

What’s on your dog’s wish list this Christmas?

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