>Blue Buffalo Mini Blue Bars


These two say hi. 

These two are The Little Blogger (obviously) and his Uncle Kasey, my Mom and Dad’s dog.

Kasey’s pretty hardcore.  Note the skull bandanna.  He feels naked without a bandanna.  I think he has a closet full. 

Yesterday morning I was a bad person and gave both of the dogs TJ’s  Beef Recipe Rolls.  Do you think Kasey knew about the meat by-products? 

He doesn’t look too jazzed.  (He still ate it.) 

Hopefully I redeemed myself with today’s product:  Blue Buffalo’s Mini Blue Bars in Banana and Yogurt! 

Check it out!  No animal by-products!  Booyah!  And no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!  

Those Beef Recipe Rolls may have ruined me forever.  What was the first thing I looked for on treat packaging at the pet store yesterday?  Yep.  Meat by-products.  

The main ingredients in these treats are oatmeal, ground barley, ground whole oats, bananas, yogurt, flaxseed, cane molasses, and carrots.   

Maybe I should eat these, too.  They sound pretty tasty.

They don’t look too bad, either.

I don’t know why, but I think that bison and buffalo are really cool.  And yes, I did Google whether they are different and they are.  So there.

Being that I think they are so cool, I love that this treat has a little buffalo stamped on it!

This particular bag of Blue Buffalo Mini Blue Bars was $4.99 at PetSmart.  I think I saw it at my local, family-owned pet store for $3.99.  So I will definitely try to get it there from now on.

Both TLB and Kasey liked these treats.  They’re pretty small (about the size of my thumb) but I like that because I don’t feel like I have to break them in half before I give them to TLB.  I also like that they are pretty inexpensive.  And I especially like that they don’t have any meat in them!  I’ve always been curious as to what vegetarians and vegans feed their dogs, and this treat seems like something that might work if that’s the lifestyle you’ve chosen.  Plus, I know that TLB loves yogurt and bananas.  One of his favorite homemade treats is a yogurt, peanut butter, and banana mixture that I make for him.

TLB and I (and Kasey) give Blue Buffalo’s Mini Blue Bars in Banana and Yogurt an eight out of 10.  They’re cheap, loaded with healthy yummies, a great size, and from what I can tell, pretty tasty.

Hopefully I can check out some of Blue Buffalo’s other cool products, too.

Have a great rest of your weekend!  

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