>You might be a Dog Mom if…

Sorry, gang!  No product review today.  Wednesday nights are pretty crazy around here and I might have slacked a little.

I leave you with the realization that you might be a Dog Mom if…

1.  You have dog treats and/or poop bags in your coat pocket.  Go on…check!  You do, don’t you?!
2.  You embrace the dog hair on your clothing because, well, it’s just so darn cute!
3.  You own a pair of “dog walking shoes,” worn specifically and only for dog walking.
4.  You try your dog’s treats before they do…just to make sure they are ok.
5.  Your dog’s photo is the wallpaper on your cell phone. 
6.  You have treats in your purse (and you probably didn’t even know they were in there!). 
7.  Your Road ID bracelet says “Teton’s Mommy” on it.  Oops!  How did that one get in here?
8.  You have more pet names for your dog than you do for your spouse/partner. 
9.  You frequently kiss your dog on the lips.  Don’t pretend like you don’t!!!
And finally…
10.  You blog about your dog.  
What else makes you a Dog Mom (or Dad)? 
See you in a few days! 

2 thoughts on “>You might be a Dog Mom if…

  1. >While I am not a dog mom, I have been guilty of nearly all of that in the past. And I spend my lunch breaks in the dog play room at work, just so I can pretend I have a dog….

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