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Good morning!  How has the week been treating you so far?  Aren’t you glad there’s only two more days until the weekend?! 
Teton had a rough day on Tuesday.  In preparation for a little get together we’re having this weekend, he got…a…dreaded…BATH.  It was just the worst.  Of course, the Little Blogger is lucky because I used to give him baths every two weeks until one veterinarian told us that bathing your dog that often actually lessens the effectiveness of flea treatments.  Those of us with pets know how expensive those darn flea treatments are so I wasn’t about to start jeopardizing his protection against those little buggers!  Anyway, now Teton gets one bath per month and let me tell you, he does not care for them.
Of course, once I actually have him in the tub and we’re halfway through he calms down a bit.  And after his bath he can’t wait to do crazy dog all over the house and rub on everything in the hopes of getting his stank back on.
To get that nasty stank off, however, we use Paul Mitchell Pet shampoo.
Like mother, like son!  (I use Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, too.)  


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about shampoo.  That is, I have no clue what ingredients you should and shouldn’t look for.  Do less ingredients mean that a shampoo is better?  Or can shampoo not really be shampoo if it’s not packed with all sorts of things that I can’t pronounce?  
For those that are curious, here is the ingredient list from Paul Mitchell Pet’s Cleanse Calming Moisturizing Shampoo.

Pretty much the only thing that sounds out to me here is the Sweet Almond Oil.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Let me tell you, it sure smells good!

People always ask me if I brush Mr. T. every day or if he gets a bath once a week.  This dog has some serious hair!  We’re pretty lucky because his hair has always been puppy soft and we rarely brush it.  In fact, I only really brush Teton after his monthly bath.  I think we owe his awesome hair to his genetics, his breed mixture, and Paul Mitchell Pet Shampoo.  Seriously!   

From my experience, this shampoo lathers well, washes out fantastically, and smells grrrrreat.  And I mean, come on!  Look at this kid’s luscious locks!  

Action shot! 

I paid $9.99 for this shampoo at a local pet store, but I know they carry it at Petco and possibly PetSmart.  I’m not sure what it costs there, but I think it might be a little more expensive.  Try to support those small local businesses!  Sometimes they really do have better prices! 

Teton gives Paul Mitchell Pet shampoo a 1 out of ten because he hates baths.  I give it a 7 out of ten because it’s inexpensive (depending, of course, on how often you bathe your dog and what his or her hair is like), it works wonders, and it smells fantastic!  I’d still like to do more research on what to look for in a pet shampoo, but for now, we’ll stick with this stuff! 

Have a great next few days!

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