>Twist ‘N Treat

Happy Sunday!
Before we give you our review of Premier Pet’s Twist ‘N Treat, I wanted to update you on our blogging schedule.  Check the blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays for pet product reviews and don’t be surprised if we add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ on Saturdays, as well!
On to the review!
One of Teton’s favorite activities is playing with his Twist ‘N Treat!
This “activity toy,” as I like to call it, is similar to the Kong in that you stuff it with an assortment of treats (or your dog’s dinner) and let your pooch work to get whatever it is you put in, out!  The TNT comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large.  Teton has the medium size and I believe it cost me around $12.
Here’s a size gauge for you.  This is Teton’s TNT next to a fairly large Honeycrisp Apple (drool).
Like I said, you can use the TNT as a special treat, for your pup’s dinner, or as a way to have a few uninterrupted moments in your day.  I especially like to use the TNT when Teton is at work with me because it gives him something to do in an environment that he is easily bored in.
One of the cool features of the Twist ‘N Treat that the Kong doesn’t offer (don’t worry – we’ll review the Kong, too!) is that you can adjust it’s treat-retrieving difficulty.  For a dog that has never used a TNT before, you may want to unscrew it so that the opening is fairly wide, thus letting treats fall out more easily.

Since Teton knows what he’s doing, I screw it as tight as it will go. 

To take the TNT apart, all you have to do is, well, twist
I like to fill our TNT with an assortment of treats.  Sometimes I mix a little bit of dinner kibble in there, too.  And every once in a while the Little Blogger gets to eat all of his dinner from the TNT.  I’ve used peanut or almond butter in the TNT, as well, but generally I like to save that for the Kong since I think it’s easier for dogs to get treats out of a Kong and the peanut butter jacks up the difficulty just a touch.  
I’ll blog about some of these treats in future posts.  I like using smaller sized treats for the TNT, because then I can really pack it to the brim.  I even cut some of the treats into little pieces before adding them.
The Little Blogger is clearly not amused that it took so long for me to prep his TNT.
Twist it back together and voila!  A treat/activity that any dog will love!  Here’s a video of Teton enjoying his Sunday TNT.  
It took Mr. T. between 10 and 12 minutes to get all of the goodies out of TNT.  We give the Twist ‘N Treat an eight out of 10 because it’s unique, easy to use (for both pet and owner), inexpensive, and fun!
See you on Tuesday!

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