>Moldy Jerky


Happy Weekend!  Yes, it’s officially the weekend (thank goodness!) and I am going to be one busy bee during the next few days.  In fact, Teton and I just whipped up a batch of Whoopie Pies for dessert tomorrow night with the fam.  

Speaking of Teton, I meant to blog about these awesome salmon jerky treats I found at the grocery store (I know, I couldn’t believe it either!) but as I grabbed a bag of the $5.99 locally-made, low-ingredient count, all natural treats I quickly changed my mind because underneath the bag I picked up was another bag that was completely moldy!  Ew.  No, thanks.  I will not be feeding the Little Blogger anything that is moldy or has the potential to mold while sitting on the shelf at the store.  

That being said, look out for a review at the end of the weekend. 

For now, I’ll leave you with a video of Teton at just four months old.  As you can see, he was already product testing (and doing so quite well, if I do say so myself).  The toy in the video, my friends, is a $.99 squeaky fish from Target.  If this video tells you anything (aside from how adorable the Little Blogger was), it’s that sometimes the cheapest toys are the best!

Have a wonderful night!

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