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Tiny Tots



nom nom nom

This is my latest favorite picture of Teton because I think he looks like a puppy in it. :-)

Last week Teton got a bag of Solid Gold Tiny Tots Lamb Jerky Dog Treats from

Tiny Tots 4

Tiny Tots are small, chewy treats that can be fed whole or be easily broken into smaller pieces.

Tiny Tots 5

They’re made in the USA (California, to be exact) and are loaded with great ingredients like lamb, brown rice, oats, cinnamon, rosemary, and liquid smoke. Have you ever cooked with liquid smoke? It’s pretty amazing what it can do for the flavor of meat, sauces, and yes, apparently even dog treats.

Solid Gold has a robust assortment of dog products ranging from treats to food to supplements. They even have canned beef tripe, which is supposed to be incredible for your dog’s digestive system. (Teton hasn’t tried it in canned form but he’s had treats with tripe in them.)

The Tiny Tots that Teton’s been drooling over for the past week are great because of their size and texture. We’re watching his weight more closely these days so he doesn’t get more than 1-2 treats a day (cruel, I know) but just one of these seems to satisfy him. They’re super chewy and as a whole, not so big that I feel I have to break them up. At the same time, though, if his buddies Henley P. and Milo are over, I can break one of these in half and they’re the perfect size for little boogers like them.


(Teton’s standard pose while I take pictures for the blog.)

Tiny Tots Lamb Jerky Dog Treats are on sale for $11.05 at now, so check them out if you want to try a new treat!

Tiny Tots 1

Make sure you check out the rest of the assortment, too, because you might find fun stuff like this Kyjen Halloween Hide-A-Pumpkin Dog Toy, the Fifth Paw Doody Free Leash Attachment, or the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit (which I think I may need to buy).

Happy tails…

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dr. Tim, that is!

Dr. Tim's

Yep, sent us these beauties to test a few weeks ago and Teton has been L-O-V-I-N-G them.

What the heck are these, you ask? They’re Dr. Tim’s Natural Turkey Chips for dogs and cats.

Turkey Hearts 3

Dr. Tim’s Natural Turkey Chips are comprised of just one ingredient – turkey hearts. They are the size and shape of dehydrated banana chips (which are also safe for your dog!) but are relatively soft and chewy so they are perfect for young and old dogs alike.

Turkey Hearts 2 carries these treats in a 4-oz container for $14.37. While this may seem a bit steep, I believe that this particular container will last us 2+ months with my feeding Teton about 1 of these chips per day.

I had never heard of Dr. Tim’s before sent me these treats for Teton, but they have a nice little assortment of food and treats for dogs and cats.

Well, I hate to blog and bounce but I have the day off since it’s Labor Day and I’m out to enjoy the sun!

Happy tails…

No Lederhosen Required

Hello! Henley P. here, everyone’s favorite Thundershirt wearing Westiepoo with a guest post.

Today we’re reviewing Merrick’s Brauts-N-Tots!

Henley 1

(This is me giving my mom the stink eye and the Elvis lip.)

Our good friends over at sent Teton a swag bag of treats and snacks and fun stuff and Teton shared with me, in exchange for a review, of course. We’re familiar with Merrick, as I eat Merrick dog food, so we volunteered to try Merrick’s Brauts-N-Tots!

Brauts & Tots 3

Brauts-N-Tots are fun, braut shaped crunchy treats. Love a short ingredient list! Beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and carrots are the first ingredients. They are also grain free and gluten free, if you are looking for those kinds of snacks.

My mom usually only gives me one at a time, because I’m only about 14 pounds and don’t need a lot of treats. I tend scarf down soft treats, but I like to take my time with the crunchy ones. These treats are delicious. The only complaint is that they tend to break up in the bag, so by the time you get to the bottom of the bag, you have more half brauts than full brauts.

Brauts & Tots 2

(My Auntie Shannon thinks they look more like something that came out of the cat box, but I don’t mind!)

I think I still prefer soft treats, but I definitely like these when I’m looking for something to crunch on. Merrick’s Brauts-N-Tots are available at your local pet store or on, on sale, for $4.49! Thanks for sharing, Chewy and Teton!

Henley 2

Happy tails…

Natural Balance Dental Chews

Dental hygiene is very important to us.

If you’ve been reading Her Dog Blog for a while, you know we’ve blogged about a few different types of dental chews including Greenies, and Blue Buffalo Blue Bones. We’ve even blogged about good ol’ toothbrushin‘!

I like giving Teton a dental chew 3-4 times a week because it keeps his teeth nice and clean and his breath smelling, well, less breathy. I’ve been alternating between Greenies and Zuke’s Z-Bones so when offered to send Teton a bag of Natural Balance Dental Chews we were happy to give them a go! After all, variety is the spice of life.

Natural Balance 6

Natural Balance Dental Chews contain a short list of ingredients (the ones we tried – Pumpkin & Chicken Meal with Papaya – are made of pumpkin, potato starch, papaya, chicken meal, parsley, alfalfa, and a small handful of other things) and are constructed in a manner that encourages your dog to take his or her time in chewing them. That’s where the teeth cleaning comes in!

It takes Teton about 7-8 minutes to eat one Natural Balance Dental Chew, which is about the same as a Zuke’s Z-Bone but a good 2-3 minutes longer than a Greenie. (Yes, I’ve timed him.)

Crazy Dog Lady

(And yes, I’m a crazy dog lady.)

Natural Balance Dental Chews come in a variety of flavors and they even offer a vegetarian version. I’m willing to bet your dog will like any flavor. ;-)

Natural Balance 7

If you’re looking for dental chews for the first time or want to mix it up and give your pooch something different, give these chews a try. They’re on sale now at

Happy tails…

Bully Stick Shoppe

Happy Monday! Is that an oxymoron?

About a month ago the folks from Bully Stick Shoppe contacted me to see if Teton would like to try some of their bully sticks. Teton loves a good bully, so of course I accepted their generous offer.

Bully Stick Shoppe has been selling bully sticks for over 5 years. They pride themselves on their high sourcing standards which include only selling bully sticks that are grass fed, hormone free, and free range. I like Bully Stick Shoppe because they have an easy-to-shop selection of bully sticks from the US.

Bully Stick Shoppe sent Teton two different types of bully sticks to try – the Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks and the Braided Bully Sticks. The Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks are made in the US and the Braided Bully Sticks are from Brazil.

Bully Stick Shoppe 2

The Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks come in either the “thick” or “jumbo” size,  5-inch or 12-inch pieces and in singles, a 25-pack, or a 50-pack.

Bully Stick Shoppe 4

(The “jumbo” bully sticks are the three on the far right and the others are considered “thick.”)

Bully Stick Shoppe 12

Teton’s personal favorite, though, are the Braided Bully Sticks.

Teton is Unimpresses

I am unimpressed with your blogging abilities and would just like for you to give me one of those bully sticks.

The Braided Bully Sticks are a standard 12-inches and can be purchased in singles or in a 25-pack or 50-pack.

If you’re looking for a great price on high quality bully sticks, check out Bully Stick Shoppe.

Happy tails…

Nature’s Variety Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits

Last month our buddies over at sent us Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis to try and we’ve been hooked on them ever since. I’ve give these little nuggets to many of Teton’s dog pals and they’ve all gone crazy for them so I think that’s the sign of a treat that will become a staple in our house.

One dog in particular that loves the Raw Boost Minis is my parent’s new puppy, Milo.


Yep. That’s Milo. Too bad he isn’t cute, right?

Anyhoo, since we loved our first Nature’s Variety treats so much, Teton and I were happy to test another Nature’s Variety treat called Nature’s Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits.

Nature's Variety 1

I selected the Pumpkin & Cranberries flavor because I know Teton loves pumpkin and he hardly ever get cranberries so I thought it would be a nice change.

These treats, like all other Nature’s Variety treats, are free of corn, soy, wheat, and and all that other artificial junk that you don’t like feeding your dog. :-)

Made right here in ‘Merica, this particular flavor has only a handful of ingredients including oatmeal, pumpkin, cranberries, turkey meal, barley, cinnamon, and flaxseed.

Nature's Variety 3

This is the kind of treat where, when you open the bag, you can instantly tell that they’re full of good, yummy ingredients! Y’all know that I like to test out Teton’s treats from time to time (hey, I’m a helicopter mom – what can I say?) and while I didn’t test these particular treats…I kinda wanted to because they smelled so good.

I don’t typically buy biscuits for Teton since discovering smaller training treats like Wet Noses Little Stars, Cloud Star Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits, and Zuke’s Mini Naturals, but I really appreciate the size of these biscuits and think I would buy them again because of it.

They are roughly half the size of your “typical” biscuit which means they’re perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

Nature's Variety 8

Nature’s Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits come in four flavors: Bacon & Apple, Chicken & Cheddar Cheese, Peanut Butter & Bananas, and Pumpkin & Cranberries

A 1.12-lb bag will run you $6.99 and last you for quite a while!

Thanks, Chewy, for sending us these tasty treats!

Happy tails…

More from Best Bully Sticks



It’s been too long. Life’s been crazy and my spare time has been spent walking Teton in the evenings rather than blogging. But heck, here I am. :-D (Don’t worry – he’ll get a walk tonight.)

A little while ago I told you about some chews that Best Bully Sticks sent Teton. They were so generous in what they sent that I only told you about two of the chews – the spleen chips and the gullet cookies (mmmmm)!

Along with the spleen chips and gullet cookies, Best Bully Sticks sent us two 12-inch standard bully sticks and two gullet spirals.


 12-inch standard bully sticks


Gullet spirals

I think it’s really cool that Best Bully Sticks offers a variety of order options as they relate to quantity. You can order in singles or in bigger quantities like a 20-pack or even a 100-pack.

The standard bully sticks are odor free which is great for those of you who can’t stomach the smell of, ahem, bully. ;-)

(Check it out – Best Bully Sticks has an entire assortment of odor free sticks!)


I love how long these bully sticks are. Teton very rarely gets to eat an entire bully stick in one sitting; rather, I let him chew until he’s eaten about half of the stick and then I “trade” him for some other random treat and hide the other half of the stick until a later date. That way the chew lasts longer and I eliminate the possibility of an upset tummy.

If you’re wondering what “standard” means in regard to these particular bully sticks, Best Bully Sticks has a chart to help you choose what’s best for your dog!


And, if bully sticks aren’t your thang, these gullet spirals are definitely worth a try!


While they didn’t take as long for Teton to chew through as the bully sticks, they’re no joke when it comes to some good quality gnawing. Also, gullet is a good source of glucosamine which is beneficial for your dog’s hips and joints so this chew packs a mean punch!

Gullet Spiral

Blurry chewin’ photos are proof of good treats. ;-)

Gullet spirals are on sale now! Click here to buy a few.

Big thanks to Best Bully Sticks for sending all of these fantastic chews for Teton to try!

Pssst! Be sure to check out Best Bully Sticks on Facebook.

Happy tails…