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Bully Stick Shoppe

Happy Monday! Is that an oxymoron?

About a month ago the folks from Bully Stick Shoppe contacted me to see if Teton would like to try some of their bully sticks. Teton loves a good bully, so of course I accepted their generous offer.

Bully Stick Shoppe has been selling bully sticks for over 5 years. They pride themselves on their high sourcing standards which include only selling bully sticks that are grass fed, hormone free, and free range. I like Bully Stick Shoppe because they have an easy-to-shop selection of bully sticks from the US.

Bully Stick Shoppe sent Teton two different types of bully sticks to try – the Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks and the Braided Bully Sticks. The Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks are made in the US and the Braided Bully Sticks are from Brazil.

Bully Stick Shoppe 2

The Thick & Jumbo Bully Sticks come in either the “thick” or “jumbo” size,  5-inch or 12-inch pieces and in singles, a 25-pack, or a 50-pack.

Bully Stick Shoppe 4

(The “jumbo” bully sticks are the three on the far right and the others are considered “thick.”)

Bully Stick Shoppe 12

Teton’s personal favorite, though, are the Braided Bully Sticks.

Teton is Unimpresses

I am unimpressed with your blogging abilities and would just like for you to give me one of those bully sticks.

The Braided Bully Sticks are a standard 12-inches and can be purchased in singles or in a 25-pack or 50-pack.

If you’re looking for a great price on high quality bully sticks, check out Bully Stick Shoppe.

Happy tails…

Nature’s Variety Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits

Last month our buddies over at sent us Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis to try and we’ve been hooked on them ever since. I’ve give these little nuggets to many of Teton’s dog pals and they’ve all gone crazy for them so I think that’s the sign of a treat that will become a staple in our house.

One dog in particular that loves the Raw Boost Minis is my parent’s new puppy, Milo.


Yep. That’s Milo. Too bad he isn’t cute, right?

Anyhoo, since we loved our first Nature’s Variety treats so much, Teton and I were happy to test another Nature’s Variety treat called Nature’s Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits.

Nature's Variety 1

I selected the Pumpkin & Cranberries flavor because I know Teton loves pumpkin and he hardly ever get cranberries so I thought it would be a nice change.

These treats, like all other Nature’s Variety treats, are free of corn, soy, wheat, and and all that other artificial junk that you don’t like feeding your dog. :-)

Made right here in ‘Merica, this particular flavor has only a handful of ingredients including oatmeal, pumpkin, cranberries, turkey meal, barley, cinnamon, and flaxseed.

Nature's Variety 3

This is the kind of treat where, when you open the bag, you can instantly tell that they’re full of good, yummy ingredients! Y’all know that I like to test out Teton’s treats from time to time (hey, I’m a helicopter mom – what can I say?) and while I didn’t test these particular treats…I kinda wanted to because they smelled so good.

I don’t typically buy biscuits for Teton since discovering smaller training treats like Wet Noses Little Stars, Cloud Star Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits, and Zuke’s Mini Naturals, but I really appreciate the size of these biscuits and think I would buy them again because of it.

They are roughly half the size of your “typical” biscuit which means they’re perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

Nature's Variety 8

Nature’s Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits come in four flavors: Bacon & Apple, Chicken & Cheddar Cheese, Peanut Butter & Bananas, and Pumpkin & Cranberries

A 1.12-lb bag will run you $6.99 and last you for quite a while!

Thanks, Chewy, for sending us these tasty treats!

Happy tails…

More from Best Bully Sticks



It’s been too long. Life’s been crazy and my spare time has been spent walking Teton in the evenings rather than blogging. But heck, here I am. :-D (Don’t worry – he’ll get a walk tonight.)

A little while ago I told you about some chews that Best Bully Sticks sent Teton. They were so generous in what they sent that I only told you about two of the chews – the spleen chips and the gullet cookies (mmmmm)!

Along with the spleen chips and gullet cookies, Best Bully Sticks sent us two 12-inch standard bully sticks and two gullet spirals.


 12-inch standard bully sticks


Gullet spirals

I think it’s really cool that Best Bully Sticks offers a variety of order options as they relate to quantity. You can order in singles or in bigger quantities like a 20-pack or even a 100-pack.

The standard bully sticks are odor free which is great for those of you who can’t stomach the smell of, ahem, bully. ;-)

(Check it out – Best Bully Sticks has an entire assortment of odor free sticks!)


I love how long these bully sticks are. Teton very rarely gets to eat an entire bully stick in one sitting; rather, I let him chew until he’s eaten about half of the stick and then I “trade” him for some other random treat and hide the other half of the stick until a later date. That way the chew lasts longer and I eliminate the possibility of an upset tummy.

If you’re wondering what “standard” means in regard to these particular bully sticks, Best Bully Sticks has a chart to help you choose what’s best for your dog!


And, if bully sticks aren’t your thang, these gullet spirals are definitely worth a try!


While they didn’t take as long for Teton to chew through as the bully sticks, they’re no joke when it comes to some good quality gnawing. Also, gullet is a good source of glucosamine which is beneficial for your dog’s hips and joints so this chew packs a mean punch!

Gullet Spiral

Blurry chewin’ photos are proof of good treats. ;-)

Gullet spirals are on sale now! Click here to buy a few.

Big thanks to Best Bully Sticks for sending all of these fantastic chews for Teton to try!

Pssst! Be sure to check out Best Bully Sticks on Facebook.

Happy tails…

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis

Nom nom nom…

That’s what Teton has been doing all week since we received a box of Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis from


Nature’s Variety is based in St. Louis, Missouri and offers an assortment of food and treats for both dogs and cats. All Nature’s Variety treats are crafted with natural, healthy ingredients and are free of wheat, corn, soy, and nasty chemicals. sent Teton a box of Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis in the duck formula.


I think freeze dried treats are the bees knees and as far as I can tell Teton does, too. They’re this great combination of soft yet crunchy and I think the freeze drying process locks in the flavor because Teton and the other dogs I’m around on a weekly basis go more nuts for freeze dried treats than they do for other types.


I love the ingredient list in this treat. Meat, fruits, veggies, and herbs. BOOM.

Treats don’t have to be complicated!

The primary thing I love about this treat (and the main reason I’ll be buying more once we run out) is its size.


These things are itty bitty and I love that! As you can imagine, Teton has access to a lot of treats so we have to be very careful about how much he gets on a daily basis. Most of my favorite treats are small because they’re great for every day rewards and training. The Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis are no exception.

Another awesome thing about this treat? Resealable bag. Why haven’t more companies done that?

Here’s Teton while I took photos for tonight’s post…


…note whisker drool.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis come in two flavors – duck and chicken – and are on sale at for $8.99. ships lightning fast and shipping is on them for orders of $49 or more. They have a great assortment of food and treats but also of collars and leashes, toys, and grooming supplies. Check them out – I’m willing to bet they carry your dog’s favorite things! :-)

Thanks to for our latest goodie.

Happy tails…

Best Bully Sticks

One of my first ever posts on Her Dog Blog was about bully sicks.

I love giving Teton bully sticks because they are better for him than alternatives like rawhide (which don’t digest as well and are more likely to pose choking hazards) and take longer for him to eat, which means they’re cleaning his teeth and keeping him busy while he’s eating them.

When I first got Teton, I came across Best Bully Sticks, an online retailer that carries a variety of dog products but hangs their hat on their fantastic assortment of bully sticks. I never ordered anything from them because I was still getting the hang of the whole dog parenting thing and wanted to touch and smell every treat or chew I gave Teton before buying it for him. Now that I’m up to speed on all things bully sticks, however, I’m more comfortable ordering treats, chews, and food online.

Being that I’d never purchased anything from Best Bully Sticks but was familiar with their site, I was thrilled when they reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if they could send Teton some products.

BBS Logo

Best Bully Sticks


Facebook Page



I think Teton’s sniffer worked at a more rapid pace than ever before when I opened up our box of goodies.

Inside was the following:


2 Gullet Spirals

2 12in Standard Bully Sticks

1 8oz bag of Spleen Chips

2 Gullet Cookies

Gullet? Sure, why not?

So far Teton has tried two of his goodies from Best Bully Sticks.

The spleen chips…


…which are literally 100% spleen from range-free, grass-fed cattle.

And the gullet cookies…


…which are dried and twisted bovine gullet.


Teton was very eager to try his bully sticks. (He didn’t get them on the same day, FYI.)


The spleen chips, while excellent for their versatility as training treats and/or treats for all sizes, didn’t taken Teton very long to eat. They’re nice and crunchy, though, so I know they cleaned up his teeth.

The gullet cookies have been The Little Blogger’s favorite.


They take him somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes to eat, which I love. I know he’s getting a good teeth cleaning when he chows down and that it’s somewhat mentally and physically stimulating to have a good, solid chew to work on.

What’s particularly awesome about the gullet cookie is that that it’s twisted so it’s more difficult (theoretically) for your dog to pull apart than a stick-straight bully stick.

Teton has had zero tummy issues from either the spleen chips or the gullet cookies. They’re very easy for him to digest and I love giving him something from sources that value free-range and grass-fed animals.

After Teton devoured his gullet cookie, he watched the house and guarded it against predators.


In his new pirate bandana. :-)

Next week I’ll review either the Standard Bully Sticks, the Gullet Spirals, or both.

Thanks to Best Bully Sticks for sending us these chews to review!

Psssst! If you want to snag some bully sticks for your dog, they’re offering 10% off until Sunday, 4/13 when you use coupon code 10SW0414.

Happy tails…

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks

Happy Sunday!

Sunday is depressing, am I right? It means that tomorrow is Monday and, well, everyone hates Mondays. Sigh.

How about a new treat review to start the week off right?

Snack Sticks Detail 2

Our treat of the month from is Newman’s Own Snack Sticks.

This soft and chewy treat is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and made in the US. Gotta love that.

We opted to try the Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe but the other flavors – Chicken & Vegetable Recipe and Chicken & Rice Recipe – sounded great, too! Teton just has this thing for sweet potatoes. ;-)

Snack Sticks 4

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks have a relatively short ingredient list. These treats are packed with organic goodies like chicken, sweet potato, oats, and barley.

Snack Sticks Detail 3

Each “stick” is about 4.5 inches long and perforated for easy tearing. Sometimes Teton gets a whole stick but I usually break them up into smaller pieces before giving them to him.

Snack Sticks Detail 4


I love treats that you can easily break up into smaller pieces. It makes them perfect for all sizes, whether you have a Great Dane or a Yorkie.

Newman’s Own Organics has a pretty extensive line of dog products ranging from dry food to wet food to treats. Check out their entire assortment on by clicking here. All of their products are made in the US and certified by Oregon Tilth.

Thanks to for the treat of the month!


Did you enter the NuVet Labs giveaway?

I randomly selected a winner this afternoon:

Sarah – The dog park is Coopers heaven. He would be perfectly fine with me leaving him there all day. He loves the smells, dogs, fresh air, and people. My hope for Cooper is to make the short live he gets here in earth as comfortable as possible!!

Congratulations, Sarah! E-mail me at and I’ll get your NuVet Labs goodies to you right away!

Happy Tails…

A Greenie a Day

…keeps the dentist away!

Greenies, Med

Your dog’s dental hygiene  should be just as important to you as your own. :-)

Teton has tried quite a few dental bones in the past, but one of his favorites has always been Greenies.

Greenies 4

He’s been getting Zuke’s Z-Bones for the past few months but when contacted us recently to see if we’d like to receive a package of Greenies in exchange for a review, we jumped at the chance.


Greenies are are dental chews (available for both dogs and cats!) that were designed to  aid in the elimination of tarter, plaque, and bad breath. Greenies are easily digestible and one Greenie a day supports healthy teeth and gums in both dogs and cats.

Greenies 7

Greenies come in four sizes – Teenie, Petite, Regular, Large, and Jumbo. The size Greenie you purchase is based on your dog’s weight. Teton weighs roughly 41 pounds so he eats the Regular Greenies, which are perfect for dogs between 25 and 50 pounds.

I like Greenies because they take much longer to chew and break apart than other treats. I know Teton is getting a good teeth cleaning when he eats a Greenie because it’s obvious that the Greenie, while not rock-hard, cleans and massages his teeth while he works hard to break it apart.

Teton + Greenies 1

(Best part of his day.)

There is one thing that I don’t love about Greenies.

Exhibit A: The ingredient list

Greenies 3

Um, yikes. I have a headache. That’s a lot of crap that I can’t pronounce and don’t recognize.

For this reason, if given the option, I prefer to give Teton either Blue Buffalo Blue Bones or Zuke’s Z-Bones, which have a much smaller ingredient list that can be easily recognized.

Regardless of what type of dental bone you get your dog, providing he/she with a treat that improves oral hygiene is a good thing! If you aren’t into the dental bone thing, other options for improving your dog’s oral hygiene could be brushing his/her teeth or providing raw bones or things like bully sticks.

Check out’s entire line of dental care products by clicking here.

Do you have plans for the Superbowl? I’m getting our arsenal of calming goodies ready for Teton, as we’ll have some loud and rowdy people at our house for what should be a pretty exciting game.

Calming Goodies

More to come on that.

On that note, I’m going to climb into bed to fight this cold that just snuck up on me.

Happy tails…

Evanger’s Raw Freeze-Dried Treats


Go Broncos

Whew. That December…man, it really just gets away from you doesn’t it? It’s been FOREVER since I wrote a post.

I’ll be back after the first of the year (holy crap, it’s almost 2014) with some post-holiday posts, but tonight I want to introduce you to a new treat.

Beef Lungs 1

Any guesses as to what it is?

Either we’re on a freeze-dried treat kick lately or free-dried treats are all the rage.

Beef Lungs 2

Teton’s pals over at sent us these Evanger’s Raw Freeze-Dried Treats (Beef Lungs) to test in exchange for a review. carries over 200 brands of the highest quality dog and cat treats. It amazes me how many brands they have that I love and trust. It’s always exciting when we get to try something new!


Evanger’s has a complete line of dog and cat products including dry food, canned food, and treats.


I don’t think Teton had ever tried beef lungs before recently, but boy does he like them. Perhaps the pungent aroma has something to do with it.

These freeze-fried treats are straight up beef lungs. And that’s it. No preservatives, fillers, flavors, or other nasty things. And you don’t have to refrigerate them!

Beef Lungs 8

I know what you’re thinking. That’s disgusting.

I’m not going to lie to you. It kind of is. They’re stinky and a little greasy and if you stare at them too long you might start thinking about where they came from, but here’s the thing…one look at your dog’s face when you pull the unopened container out of the box from and you’ll feel like the best Dog Mom (or Dad) on the planet.

Because, you see, even before opening the sealed plastic container Teton had stars in his eyes.


Mom. Mom. I love you, Mom. You’re the best, Mom. Can I have one of those beef lungs, Mom?

They just smell that good.

Evanger’s line of freeze-dried treats comes in a variety of flavors including wild salmon, beef tripe, beef tongue, beef hearts, and beef liver. The 3.5 oz container ranges in price from $6.36 to $9.99.

Check out the entire Evanger’s line at and make sure you peruse the rest of Chewy’s assortment. I’ve got my eye on these gems…

Dr. Harvey’s Relax & Stress Herbal Dog Supplement

Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food

See you next year!

Happy holidays and happy tails…

Aw, come on. Liv-A-Little!

Hello, bloggies!

Did you see my recent Instagram of the necklace my sister made for me?

Instagram Pendant

Crafty, ain’t she?

She also made Teton this bandana a few weeks ago.

Teton's Bandana

Zap! Pow! Zoom! Captain Fuzzy Butt to the rescue!

Teton’s got this thing for freeze-dried treats. His first exposure to them was when sent us Orijen free-range bison treats. Then, a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to receive another freeze-dried treat to test and review, Halo Liv-A-Littles!

Liv-A-Littles #1

Halo has a ton of great products ranging from treats to canned food to dry food to supplements. And, holy crap, Ellen is a co-owner. I’m sold!

Ok, but seriously. This is good stuff.

Liv-A-Littles #2

You know I love a short ingredient list.

There’s something to this whole freeze-dried thing. Teton can smell freeze-dried treats from a mile away and is glued to my side drooling for as long as it takes me to give him one two. ;-)

I love that these treats are versatile. Yep, I went there. Who says treats can’t be versatile?

Liv-A-Littles #5

You can feed Halo Liv-A-Littles as-is, you can break them up into tiny training treats, you can put them in an interactive treat-toy, or you can easily break them into smaller shredded pieces and sprinkle them on top of your dog’s dry food.

Liv-A-Littles #9

Doesn’t it look like freshly cooked shredded chicken? (Teton picked all the Liv-A-Littles out and ate them first before eating his dry food.)

Liv-A-Littles come in three flavors – Chicken Breast, Wild Salmon, and Beef. We received the chicken from but I can pretty much guarantee that Teton would love all of the flavors.

Liv-A-Littles #7

Teton is a great chewer, but it’s on a whole different level with these treats.

Halo Liv-A-Littles are on sale at now so grab yourself a container or two.


Added bonus? If you have a cat they can eat Liv-A-Littles, too!

Thanks to for another great product review opportunity!

Happy tails…

Brat & Suzie

Hi, y’all!

Shannon & Teton

Long time no blog. I’ve missed you.

In honor of my return, here are some goodies I found recently for you dog lovers out there.

Brat & Suzie Swing Dog Sweat Top

Swing Dog Sweat Top from Brat & Suzie

I don’t know how I could have missed Brat & Suzie. This brand is adorable and I must have every item in their line.

You can imagine my heartbreak when I found out that they are based out of London. But, after some sleuthin’ I found out that Asos carries a few of their tops. Too bad they don’t have my favorite, the Hippy Dog Burnout Tee.

Brat & Suzie Hippy Dog Tee

I mean! Do you see this thing?!?!

And, I know it’s not a dog, but…but…

Brat & Suzie Donkey Sweater

It’s a donkey! In rain boots! With an umbrella!

Ok, so enough of that adorableness and on to some more fun little items.

Check out this sweet necklace that I’ve been eying for the last few days.

Dog Lover Necklace 2

Dog Lover Necklace from A Charmed Impression

This petite little gem comes in either gold or silver and you can have it engraved or just with the paw print.

Dog Lover Necklace 1

I love it both ways but almost lean toward the non-engraved. Isn’t it the cutest?

Another thing I’ve had my eye on for a while is this treat jar from

Ore Pet Ceramic Treat Jar

Ore Pet Ceramic My Pet Likes Treats Treat Jar from Chewy

Well, that’ll do it for tonight. I’m off to walk the pup!

Happy tails…