Best Bully Sticks

One of my first ever posts on Her Dog Blog was about bully sicks.

I love giving Teton bully sticks because they are better for him than alternatives like rawhide (which don’t digest as well and are more likely to pose choking hazards) and take longer for him to eat, which means they’re cleaning his teeth and keeping him busy while he’s eating them.

When I first got Teton, I came across Best Bully Sticks, an online retailer that carries a variety of dog products but hangs their hat on their fantastic assortment of bully sticks. I never ordered anything from them because I was still getting the hang of the whole dog parenting thing and wanted to touch and smell every treat or chew I gave Teton before buying it for him. Now that I’m up to speed on all things bully sticks, however, I’m more comfortable ordering treats, chews, and food online.

Being that I’d never purchased anything from Best Bully Sticks but was familiar with their site, I was thrilled when they reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if they could send Teton some products.

BBS Logo

Best Bully Sticks


Facebook Page



I think Teton’s sniffer worked at a more rapid pace than ever before when I opened up our box of goodies.

Inside was the following:


2 Gullet Spirals

2 12in Standard Bully Sticks

1 8oz bag of Spleen Chips

2 Gullet Cookies

Gullet? Sure, why not?

So far Teton has tried two of his goodies from Best Bully Sticks.

The spleen chips…


…which are literally 100% spleen from range-free, grass-fed cattle.

And the gullet cookies…


…which are dried and twisted bovine gullet.


Teton was very eager to try his bully sticks. (He didn’t get them on the same day, FYI.)


The spleen chips, while excellent for their versatility as training treats and/or treats for all sizes, didn’t taken Teton very long to eat. They’re nice and crunchy, though, so I know they cleaned up his teeth.

The gullet cookies have been The Little Blogger’s favorite.


They take him somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes to eat, which I love. I know he’s getting a good teeth cleaning when he chows down and that it’s somewhat mentally and physically stimulating to have a good, solid chew to work on.

What’s particularly awesome about the gullet cookie is that that it’s twisted so it’s more difficult (theoretically) for your dog to pull apart than a stick-straight bully stick.

Teton has had zero tummy issues from either the spleen chips or the gullet cookies. They’re very easy for him to digest and I love giving him something from sources that value free-range and grass-fed animals.

After Teton devoured his gullet cookie, he watched the house and guarded it against predators.


In his new pirate bandana. :-)

Next week I’ll review either the Standard Bully Sticks, the Gullet Spirals, or both.

Thanks to Best Bully Sticks for sending us these chews to review!

Psssst! If you want to snag some bully sticks for your dog, they’re offering 10% off until Sunday, 4/13 when you use coupon code 10SW0414.

Happy tails…

Fresh & Fluffy Part Deux

Back in September I blogged about an all natural dry dog shampoo called Fresh & Fluffy.

Check out my original post here.

I mentioned in my first post about this awesome little product that I didn’t love the peppermint scent.

Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore because Fresh & Fluffy recently sent me a container of their lavender scented dry shampoo!


It smells great! In fact, Teton just had a romp at the beach and I used it on his belly and legs and all the sand and dirt brushed right out. Now he smells freshly bathed without all the hassle of a “real” bath.

If you remember from my last post, using Fresh & Fluffy is very simple.

Fresh & Fluffy Instructions

Just like the peppermint shampoo, the new lavender scent has only a handful of ingredients.


If you find yourself needing to bathe your dog often or just want something to freshen up their coat a few times a month, I highly recommend Fresh & Fluffy. A little of the dry shampoo goes a long way so it’s a great value at $16.99.


Thanks to the folks at Fresh & Fluffy for sending us this product to test!

Happy tails…

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks

Happy Sunday!

Sunday is depressing, am I right? It means that tomorrow is Monday and, well, everyone hates Mondays. Sigh.

How about a new treat review to start the week off right?

Snack Sticks Detail 2

Our treat of the month from is Newman’s Own Snack Sticks.

This soft and chewy treat is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and made in the US. Gotta love that.

We opted to try the Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe but the other flavors – Chicken & Vegetable Recipe and Chicken & Rice Recipe – sounded great, too! Teton just has this thing for sweet potatoes. ;-)

Snack Sticks 4

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks have a relatively short ingredient list. These treats are packed with organic goodies like chicken, sweet potato, oats, and barley.

Snack Sticks Detail 3

Each “stick” is about 4.5 inches long and perforated for easy tearing. Sometimes Teton gets a whole stick but I usually break them up into smaller pieces before giving them to him.

Snack Sticks Detail 4


I love treats that you can easily break up into smaller pieces. It makes them perfect for all sizes, whether you have a Great Dane or a Yorkie.

Newman’s Own Organics has a pretty extensive line of dog products ranging from dry food to wet food to treats. Check out their entire assortment on by clicking here. All of their products are made in the US and certified by Oregon Tilth.

Thanks to for the treat of the month!


Did you enter the NuVet Labs giveaway?

I randomly selected a winner this afternoon:

Sarah – The dog park is Coopers heaven. He would be perfectly fine with me leaving him there all day. He loves the smells, dogs, fresh air, and people. My hope for Cooper is to make the short live he gets here in earth as comfortable as possible!!

Congratulations, Sarah! E-mail me at and I’ll get your NuVet Labs goodies to you right away!

Happy Tails…

NuVet Labs Review & Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed.*

I’ve got a pretty rad giveaway for you guys today!

You know that I’m a fan of glucosamine supplements. I used to give Teton a supplement from Trader Joe’s but a few years ago we switched to Zuke’s Hip Action and then more recently to Cloud Star’s Dynamo Dog Hip & Joint (no review on that one yet but we’ve been pleased thus far!).

Glucosamine supplements, when given regularly, may benefit your dog by doing the following:

1) Reducing the risk of osteoarthritis

2) Reducing the risk of joint degeneration

3) Aiding in the reduction of joint inflammation

4) Reducing the risk of cartilage degeneration

Nuvet Labs Logo

NuVet Labs is a company dedicated to manufacturing the best canine and feline nutritional supplements on the market so I was excited to be contacted by them to host this giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago, NuVet Labs sent me their NuJoint Plus formula for Teton to test.

Joint Plus

NuJoint Plus boasts a makeup of 250 mg of glucosamine and 125 mg of chondroitin and is flavored with chicken liver. Oh, yeah. Chicken liver.

This is what Teton did the first time I opened the bottle.

Teton 1

I haven’t had any problems getting him to take these. ;-)

Teton isn’t a very large dog at 42 lbs, but he’s pretty active and the way I see it, why not at least try to prevent joint problems if there are tons of great options out there to do so?

NuJoint Detail 2

With any supplement, I tend to be cautious at first and I’m sure to do lots of research before giving it to my little guy. I researched NuJoint thoroughly and was pleased to read that they manufacture their products in a human-grade pharmaceutical laboratory with human-grade ingredients. they also offer a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Love that!

Now, to the good stuff.

NuVet Labs was kind enough to send one bottle of their NuJoint Plus and an additional bottle of their NuVet Plus multivitamin for one lucky reader!

Blog Worthy

Check out the deets on their NuVet Plus multivitamin by clicking here.

This little bundle of goodness is valued at a $111 retail.

To enter the NuVet Labs giveaway, leave a comment below describing your dog’s favorite exercise. Does your dog go for long runs with you? Do you have a skateboarding bulldog? Anyone else have a dog that loves snowshoeing with them like Teton does?

For a second entry, “Like” Her Dog Blog on Facebook and leave a second separate comment letting me know.

This giveaway (open to US residents only) will close next Sunday, 3/30, at midnight. I’ll randomly select a winner this weekend.

Thanks to NuVet Labs for sponsoring this giveaway. As with all sponsored giveaways and reviews, I received this product free of charge. All opinions are my own.

Good luck and happy tails!

New Olly Bottles

Two years ago I blogged about an awesome product from OllyDog called the Olly Bottle.

Click HERE to read my review.

Well, our first Olly Bottle bit the dust a few months back when I accidentally slammed it in the car door (whoopsie) so we upgraded to a couple of new ones the other day.

Yep, I said a couple because OllyDog now has two sizes in their Olly Bottle.

Olly Bottle 1

We replaced our 1 liter bottle with this fantastic light blue and grey combination and added a little nugget to our Olly Bottle family with the lime green 600 ml bottle.

I love these bottles because they’re perfect for a quick swig of water when I need it and even more perfect for Teton when he’s thirsty and we’re out on a walk, hike, or snowshoe trek.

Plus, they’re a great value. The 1 liter bottle is $13 and the 600 ml bottle is $10.

Check out all of OllyDog’s products HERE.

Just because…here are a few photos of Teton’s excursions this week.

Walkies 3

At the dog park with his cousin, Henley P.!

Walkies 2

Lunch time walks with his best pal and that other guy he kind of likes. ;-)

Walkies 1

Being a big boy dog and running through muddy, wet fields!

I’ve got a cool giveaway coming soon on Her Dog Blog so make sure you stop by later this week and next!

Happy tails…

Life Lately

Oh, hi. :-)

We’ve been pretty busy lately.

Dog Park!

Dog parkin’ with our bestie.

The Look

Getting baths after dog parkin’ it. (This is the I hate you, Mom look.)

Snuggle Bug

Snugglin’ up after a long day.

After Walkies

Catching our breath after walkies.


And hanging out in the truck with our bestie. We can’t get enough of our bestie.

My dear friend gave me the cutest print a week or so ago.


Did someone say go for a ride?

This is definitely one of Teton’s favorite phrases. I especially love this print because the dog looks a little like T, don’t you think?

The artist responsible for this adorable little thing is b.haven. She has so many cute prints!

Speaking of cute, if you follow me on Instagram (or know me personally), you know that I love CrossFit just about as much as I love dogs.

So, you can imagine my excitement when two of my passions collided in the form of The WOD Dogs Project.



I love the description of WOD Dogs from The FITographer’s website.

WOD Dogs is a community… WOD Dogs is a celebration of the dogs that support our sporting endeavours… WOD Dogs pays tribute to our best mates that watch willingly as we sweat, curse, even collapse, in defeat or triumph, run beside us regardless of weather conditions, time or terrain… WOD Dogs draws the correlation between healthy lifestyles and healthy dog ownership… WOD Dogs captures moments of true companionship, care and unconditional love…


And what’s even cooler is that The WOD Dogs Project is working diligently in the battle against animal cruelty. Such a fantastic pairing for those of us that love our dogs and CrossFit!

Check out the FITographer’s blog for more great photos of CrossFitters and their dogs.

Happy tails…

Dr. Harvey’s Relax Herbal Supplement

My little buddy doesn’t much care for the vet.

We just barely reach the vet’s office parking lot and he’s whining and yawning (a sign of stress) non-stop. Poor guy. I can’t say that I blame him, though. If someone stuck a thermometer up my butt every time I went to the doctor I think I’d be pretty stressed out, too.

The last time Teton was at the vet was a few weeks ago. It was a particularly stressful visit for him because, in addition to checking out all the regular stuff (temperature included), there was a lot of extra attention paid to his eye, which I thought was infected at the time (it wasn’t). He didn’t like having a bright light shone in his eye or fingers that didn’t belong to me pulling it apart to see if it was inflamed. But, when all was said and done, he did ok.

I knew Teton would be stressed out for the remainder of the day (his appointment was in the morning) because that’s just how he is, so when we got home from the vet I gave him a new calming supplement that sent us a while back. I’d been saving it for a particularly stressful time so this was the perfect opportunity to test the product and hopefully ease some of Teton’s anxiety.

For the record, didn’t ask me to review this product. They simply sent it my way as a kind gesture after I’d mentioned it in a previous blog post. Thanks, Chewy!

Dr. Harvey's 6

Dr. Harvey’s Relax and Stress Herbal Dog Supplement

Dr. Harvey’s Relax Supplement is a powder that can be easily mixed into wet food or sprinkled onto dry food. It has a relatively short ingredient list and is free of preservatives, dyes and/or synthetic ingredients, salt, sugar, wheat, and corn.

Dr. Harvey's 8

Teton only eats once a day, and that’s between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, so since I gave him the Dr. Harvey’s supplement earlier in the day, I chose to mix it into wet food. He only gets wet food every once and a while, so I knew it would be a special treat and that he’d be less likely to reject the supplement if it tasted or smelled strange.

Dr. Harvey's 1

Taste of the Wild, in my opinion, makes some of the best wet food out there.

Turns out I probably could have spoon fed the supplement to Teton because it smelled delicious to him. His little sniffer started moving at hyper-speed immediately after I opened the jar.

Dr. Harvey's 2

For Teton’s weight, Dr. Harvey’s recommends 2 scoops, so that’s approximately what I used. Well, Teton was pretty stressed, so I may have used 2 heaping scoops. :-)

Dr. Harvey's 3

Dr. Harvey's 4

Teton lapped this little concoction up in a matter of seconds. He loved it.

And, no kidding, after just 20 minutes, he was doing this.


And continued to do so for the rest of the day.

To be completely honest, I was pretty skeptical of a calming supplement. There are a lot of a factors that could have contributed to Teton being relaxed and sleepy after his vet appointment but I wholeheartedly believe that Dr. Harvey’s Stress and Relax Herbal Dog Supplement works.

You can find Dr. Harvey’s Stress and Relax Herbal Dog Supplement at along with other products from Dr. Harvey’s. At just $10.17 for an 8-oz tin (my guess is that it will last us at least 6-8 months depending on number of stressful events), it’s very affordable compared to other calming products on the market.

If you give any of Dr. Harvey’s products a try, let me know how they work for your dog!

Happy tails…